Subject firebird.msg not found - Firebird embedded on Ubuntu 12.10 x64-bit
Author btapkan
Following the directions posted

, using

folder downloaded from the site, I cannot pass getting the error
... fbembed/firebird.msg not found

after issuing below commands:

$ bin/isql -user sysdba -pass masterkey test.fdb
Database: test.fdb, User: sysdba
SQL> show tables;
can't format message 17:67 -- message file /home/baskint/fbembed/firebird.msg not found

Couple of other observations with the configuration is that, there is no fb_lock_mgr file present inside the FirebirdCS-2.5.1 folder.

Question #1 is this still necessary?

Question #2, I have the firebird.msg file copied in the fbembed directory. What else do I need in order to get the sample working?

Thanks in advance.