Subject Re: [firebird-support] Learning Curve
Author Ann Harrison

> I have an application I like, but now I can't access the database.

What happens when you try to access the database? Do you still have the
original database file?

> Attempts to restore from the backup yield a "not a valid database"
> message.

When you say "restore from the backup", what tool did you use to create the

> The developer offered to "fix" the database if I send it to him. There is
> 6 months worth of data plugged into that database, some of it private.
> Starting from scratch and handing my private data over to a stranger are
> both unacceptable. Therefore, I have a lot of learning to do so that I can
> correct the problem myself. Though I have a fair amount of computer
> experience, both on PCs and IBM mainframes, delving into database innards
> is new territory for me.

Firebird isn't very hard to learn or use - either the on-line docs at or Helen Borrie's very complete books will show you how.
Unfortunately, the errors you're reporting suggest that your database is
corrupt and needs to be fixed. That's like the difference between using a
computer and building your own. Fortunately, there are tools to fix a
corrupted database - look at

> I have access to a MySQL online course through work. Would that be useful
> at all?

Not at all. It would be (somewhat) if you were trying to use Firebird, but
it won't tell you anything about Firebird internals.

Good luck,


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