Subject Learning Curve
Author Marsha
Hi all,

Can anyone recommend some introductory tutorials, online courses, and/or prerequisite information I need to learn before diving into Firebird?

I have an application I like, but now I can't access the database. Attempts to restore from the backup yield a "not a valid database" message. The developer offered to "fix" the database if I send it to him. There is 6 months worth of data plugged into that database, some of it private. Starting from scratch and handing my private data over to a stranger are both unacceptable. Therefore, I have a lot of learning to do so that I can correct the problem myself. Though I have a fair amount of computer experience, both on PCs and IBM mainframes, delving into database innards is new territory for me.

I am using Windows 7 on my home PC. Though I use Word/Excel/LibreOffice quite a bit, I have never gotten into Access or the Libre version of it.

I have access to a MySQL online course through work. Would that be useful at all?