Subject accessing 32 / 64 bit databases from any bitness (32/64) firebird server?
Author ehaerim
There is an application which has both 32/64 bit versions.
Each version has its own databases created.
The installed firebird is 64 bit version.
To access 32 bit databases, I ran fbserver.exe -a from DOS prompt with Admin privilege.
When running isql to access 32 bit databases, I got an error:

Statement failed, SQLSTATE = HY000
file C:\\DATABASES\FBPORTFOLIO.GDB is not a valid database
Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database

[1] 32 bit databases can be opened by 64 bit firebird server and vice versa?
[2] If so, is it possible to install both 32/64 bit firebird server and run both servers at the same time?

The best is to access any bitness databases fromm any bitness firebird server.

Please someone clarify this issue in detail.