Subject Re: accessing 32 / 64 bit databases from any bitness (32/64) firebird server?
Author Dmitry Yemanov
06.11.2012 1:15, ehaerim wrote:

> There is an application which has both 32/64 bit versions.
> Each version has its own databases created.
> The installed firebird is 64 bit version.
> To access 32 bit databases, I ran fbserver.exe -a from DOS prompt with
> Admin privilege.
> When running isql to access 32 bit databases, I got an error:
> Statement failed, SQLSTATE = HY000
> file C:\\DATABASES\FBPORTFOLIO.GDB is not a valid database
> Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database

What Firebird version is it and what ODS version do the databases have?