Subject Firebird og Win/2008R2
Author Aage Johansen
A friend is about to buy a new server, and he has been offered a
Fujitsu TX300S6 with Windows Server 2008 R2.
The offered server has 16GB RAM, and will use RAID-1 or RAID-10
(controller has 512MB cache) with 15krpm SAS disks. Xeon E5620 (quad
core) with 12MB cache.
The old server has two 2GHz Xeon processors with 512KB cache (nearly
8 years old), and runs Win2k (Pro, I believe) with Firebird 1.5 SuperServer.

If we choose to run Firebird 2.5 64bit I assume SuperClassic would be
a natural choice. Or SuperServer still?
The databases are 1GB and 8GB (light use, mostly blobs with jpg
pictures). 20-ish users (probably about 10 concurrent
users). Sometimes intensive use, but that is almost all
select. Insert/update/delete are seldom done in batch mode.

What should I choose, what can I expect (of interesting
things). Anything in particular to look out for?

Aage J.