Subject MS Access ODBC to Firebird
Author Peter M

A cli e nt recently had their application changed to run firebird rather
than paradox . It worked fine, with MS Access apps connecting to provide
data feeds from firebird. It is version 1.5 I am told.

Then it was moved to a windows server 2008.

I can no longer get MS Access to connect to the the firebird tables.

The problem seems to be in the ODBC setup, I can't run an effective test
that sets up and stores the user name and password.

The connection to the MS Access dbs is via remote desktop as well, in case
that matters.

My questions are these.
What ODBC driver should I install on the server, and should it be under
remote desktop session or directly form eth console.?

Firebird is version 1.5 I am told, what ODBC driver is best.?
Should it be 32 bit or 64 bit driver?

Is there any other clues you may be bale to offer to get this connected?
there eseems to be an issue in how the path to the data source is
described, it workd sometimes as " localhost: p:\ dir1\", and
sometimes without the localhost bit, which i think relates to it being a
remote connection.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Peter Marshall

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