Subject Re: [firebird-support] MS Access ODBC to Firebird
Author Elmar Haneke
> The connection to the MS Access dbs is via remote desktop as well, in case
> that matters.

Indeed an RDP connection not an MDB file on an SMB share?

In this case all Installation is done on the terminal-server not on the
terminal even if it is an Windows machine acting as terminal.

> What ODBC driver should I install on the server, and should it be under
> remote desktop session or directly form eth console.?

It should not make an difference which console is used for installation.
The instrall should be global to all users on that machine.

> Firebird is version 1.5 I am told, what ODBC driver is best.?
> Should it be 32 bit or 64 bit driver?

This depends on the MS-Access in use. For use with 32Bit-MS-Access the
32Bit ODBC-driver should be preferable.