Subject License distribution

I'm not a lawyer and quite new to Firebird; therefore I call upon your more extensive experience. For my application to be distributed to customers, I will need to include some Firebird files.

The application will consist of three parts:
- Client (optional), containing only fbclient.dll;
- Tools, containing several of the executables: gbak.exe, gfix.exe, ..., and their dependencies;
- Server (optional), containing the necessary files a functioning SuperServer.

I'm wondering whether I need to include IPLicense.txt and IDPLicense.txt, and if so, how many times and where. Adding them to every folder where I have only fbclient.dll seems overkill. Setup is not an option for display any such licenses.

From the license text, I'm unable to determine if including the license is required if I'm not distributing or modifying the source. Do I need to include the license at all?

Does including the example UDFs make a difference in this? Since those are not only executables, are they considered source?

Please provide some guidelines.

Kind regards,