Subject RE: [firebird-support] License distribution
Author Leyne, Sean

> I'm not a lawyer and quite new to Firebird; therefore I call upon your more
> extensive experience. For my application to be distributed to customers, I
> will need to include some Firebird files.
> The application will consist of three parts:
> - Client (optional), containing only fbclient.dll;
> - Tools, containing several of the executables: gbak.exe, gfix.exe, ..., and
> their dependencies;
> - Server (optional), containing the necessary files a functioning SuperServer.
> I'm wondering whether I need to include IPLicense.txt and IDPLicense.txt,


> and if so, how many times and where.

For the client only installs, I would say in your application install folder.

For tools installs, in the install/EXEs folder.

For server installs, in the install folder.

> From the license text, I'm unable to determine if including the license is
> required if I'm not distributing or modifying the source. Do I need to include
> the license at all?

Most certainly