Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: End User Installation FB 2.1
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Since there have been no replies to this question, I'll try to shorten it up.
> We are creating an Inno Setup install program for a delphi application. The Inno Setup program will also install Firebird 2.1, when needed. The installation program will read the Windows registry to see if Firebird has been installed and, if so, which version.
> If the correct version of Firebird exists, can we just alter Aliases.conf to include our DB in addition to whatever is already there?
> If a different version of Firebird exists, I don't know how we should create an additional server. I understand we can have multiple instances, but don't know how to do it.
> If Firebird doesn't exist, then we plan to install and launch the Firebird install, using command line arguments to help control the installation.
> It seems that in an earlier thread, someone mentioned the need to change ports if Firebrid was already there. Is that necessary?

I would run in the context of your own dedicated Firebird server
install, even if there is already one.

If you have a single user application, then use embedded. If it needs to
be a full server install, then you probably have to split up the server
install and the client install, although I don't know your concrete
deployment scenario.

If you need a server install, then:

- Use the ZIP distribution of your targeted Firebird server version /
- Run the server process with -a -p <yourport> if you intend to run
Firebird as an application. If it needs to be as a Windows service, then
use instsvc.exe <instancename> to install your dedicated server. I'm not
sure if instsvc.exe can process the -p switch as well. If not, then you
have to change the configuration parameter RemoteServicePort in

Google for "firebird multiple instances" and you get a bunch of
suggested links.

With regards,

Thomas Steinmaurer
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