Subject End User Installation FB 2.1
Author homerjones1941
This expands on a question I posted a number of months ago, but I couldn't find that thread. The first search I did returned over 5000 results, the second over 300, and the third only 21. My previous thread wasn't in the 21. So, please forgive me if this is a repeat of anything. BTW, I couldn't really find the answer to my questions in the search results I did get. Now to my question. Now to my questions.

I need to make an install for a business application (written in Delphi) that will be distributed to end users scattered around the USA. Each end user location is an independent business, so we have no knowledge about the hardware, network or operating systems they have. Naturally, I don't know if they already have a Firebird server installed, or what version it is.

I had developed an install using an old copy of Wise InstallBuilder, but have decided to redo it with the latest version of Inno Setup because I think it will be easier to integrate a Firebird 2.1 install. In the Wise install, I simply launched the standard Firebird install once the application was installed. I launched it with command line parameters that minimized the end user's ability to mess things up.

Since I don't know if Firebird will have been previously installed, I need to know the best course of action. In the earlier Wise install, I changed the port to 8050 instead of 3050, but I don't know if that is enough.