Subject Re: [firebird-support] Good way to do...
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>> - How many distinct contact ids do you expect
> around 100 000
>> - How does your query pattern look like?
> select xxx from table BIGTABLE where
> contactID=xxx and
> fialdA=xxx and
> ....
> fieldn=xxx
> order by fieldw
>> Because of latter, is contact id the only criteria for filtering rows or
>> are there more (e.g. date/time, product etc ... information)?
> no, much more criterias than just contact ID

With proper indices, you should be fine, even with a growing amount of

Mind you, creating an index on a table needs exclusive access to the
table, which can take some time on a huge table. A larger temporarily
page cache for index creation might help to decrease execution time.

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