Subject Good way to do...
Author Vander Clock Stephane

we have on table with 80 millions of reccords (growing). each records is
assigned to a defined Contact ID. Only one contact ID can access read
his record.
i thing it's a pretty classical scenario ...
we have 2 option :

1/ keep all the reccord in one unique table and add a column Contact_ID
and filter all queries on this colum
Good: easy, only one table to manage
Bad: very big table and very heavy index (all index (mostly all) must
have the field Contact_ID to be efficient)

2/ create for each contact his dedicated table xxx_ContactID.
Good: performance because all table are little, index are little, etc.
also posibility to split in several server to win in performance. (but i
thing it's not really possible (i thing) by one trigger to update the
table in another database)
Bad: management of creating/destroying table by trigger is not really
supported under firebird. and what happen when more contact than
firebird max limit of allowed # of table ?

So what do you advise to do in such case ?

thanks by advance