Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firbird 2.5 Install
Author Carlos H. Cantu
The tools are command line, and you can find them in the "bin" folder
in the Firebird installation directory.

There are many docs about them in the Firebird site documentation
area. If you prefer GUI admin tools, there is also plenty of them from
third parties.

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c> When I go to install Firebird 2.5 there is a checkbox next to
c> "Developer and admin tools components".

c> What are these tools?

c> Where can I find the documention for using these tools?

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c> Michael Riley
c> GySgt USMC Retired

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c> Visit and click the Resources item
c> on the main (top) menu. Try Knowledgebase and FAQ links !

c> Also search the knowledgebases at

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