Subject Re: migrate from firebird 1.5 32bit to firebird 2.5 64bit on linux
Author crizz11
managed to get this database restored with no errors by using the suggested command.

gbak -user sysdba -password password -c -fix_fss_metadata win1252 /opt/firebird/fbbackup/stock.fbk /tmp/stock.fdb

Have since tried to run a procedure from within IBExpert and getting the following error.

Invalid request BLR at offset 161.
function F_YEAR is not defined.
System memory exhausted.
page size is allowed only on restore or create.

If i go into the UDF's and copy the declaration statement for F_YEAR and try to run the sql again it also gives an error.

unsuccessful metadata update

The error in relation to the system memory being exhausted shouldn't be an issue as I can see there is 5.4GB memory free.

Is there something I am still missing in what is needed for this migration from 1.5 to 2.5. I have copied the file into the UDF directory and renamed it to (to have it as the same filename from the 1.5 system) Is there something else I need to do to "install" this FreeAdhoc UDF. I have also done the security database required things when moving from 1.5 to 2.x .


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> that site seems to be down for me at the moment
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> > crizz11 wrote:
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> > > ok if i try to do a restore of the fbk taken from the 1.5 server on the 2.5 64bit server with the following command
> > > gbak -r -p 8192 -user sysdba -password pass /opt/firebird/fbbackup/stock.fbk /ibdata/stock.fdb
> > >
> > > The error i get is
> > > gbak: ERROR:Malformed string
> > > gbak:Invalid metadata detected. Use -FIX_FSS_METADATA option.
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> > Ah, that's a known issue. Please read instructions here:
> >
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> > Good luck,
> > Paul Vinkenoog
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