Subject RE: [firebird-support] Deploying Multiple Applications That Use Firebird 2.5 Embedded Databases.
Author Leyne, Sean
> >As long as you place the DLLs in the same folder the application EXEs and
> *not* a shared/common path (like System32) you will be fine.
> Actually, with v.2.5, you can separate the embedded Firebird components
> from the application components when you deploy. If you wish to have the
> three applications all use the same Firebird components, you can do so with
> 2.5, by deploying fbembed.dll and all the Firebird stuff into a common
> location *apart* from the application executable. Set the RootDirectory in
> firebird.conf to be the path to where fbembed.dll is.

By placing the DLLs with the application EXEs (ie. a share nothing model) the applications would not have any inter-dependency, but would use a very small amount of additional disk space due to the multiple copies of the embedded engine files.

A shared DDL deployment model (as outlined in Helen's response) would create a situation where all of the installed apps would need to be updated at the same time if an update in the embedded engine was required.