Subject migrate from firebird 1.5 32bit to firebird 2.5 64bit on linux
Author crizz11
HI all, trying to migrate from firebird classic 1.5 32bit to 2.5 64bit on linux. Whenever I try to do anything on the new 2.5 64bit server with database files from the old 1.5 32 bit server i get the following error. " gbak: ERROR:file /ibdata/stock.fdb is not a valid database " This was an error i got when trying to backup the database that i simply copied from the 1.5 server to the 2.5 server. I have also tried copying a .fbk file from the 1.5 server over to the 2.5 server and got the same error when trying to resore. Is it possible to switch from 32bit 1.5 classic to 64 bit 2.5 classic or is there something i have to do to the database files first?