Subject Firebird 2.1 on OSX Lion
Author guilherme.bradasch

I'm experiencing something weird with Firebird after I upgraded my OSX to Lion (10.7). On Snow Leopard, everything ran smoothly. After the upgrade, I couldn't connect with any fdb on my local machine.

After reinstalling (I use FirebirdCS-2.1.4-18393-lipo - I need both 32 and 64 bits libraries), I can connect to local databases only if they are not on my home directory (/Users/guimas). It always gives me a "permission denied", no matter what the file attributes are.

I've chown the fdb file to firebird:firebird and chmod it to a+r and a+w, and it didn't help.

I created a directory in /var/lib/firebird, chmod and chown it, and fdbs there work.

Looking at the firebird.log, I have this message, when I try to connect to a fdb in my home folder:

imacguimas Wed Aug 10 10:01:45 2011
operating system directive semctl failed

imacguimas Wed Aug 10 10:01:45 2011
Permission denied

So... It works perfectly if the fdbs are not in the home folder. Is that a bug introduced by Lion?