Subject Duplicate entries ...
Author Lester Caine
I had a bit of trouble on a site yesterday which I'm not sure I understand ...

The raw data is basically two tables, one with an entry using a generator value
key, and the second 'detail table' has a primary key of the same generator value
+ a transact_no. The detail table is populated by a trigger on the master table,
when one field changes, the current state is stored in detail, and the master
entries updated. The trigger is just using a MAX+1 for the transact_no, and has
the primary key unique index, but in theory a user will be take several seconds
between each action on an individual ticket, and the times confirm that.

The problem yesterday was that I ended up with two sets of 2,3,4 with time
between each indicating that they SHOULD have been different transactions. I
corrected things easily enough via Flamerobin, just copying the 6 problem
records as inserts, which I fixed the numbers on, then I deleted the rows and
added back the corrected ones.

The question ... would this have had to have been several stuck transactions
that had not commited? I had to gfix, backup, restore without indexes enabled,
fix duplicates then re-enable indexes to get the database live again. But it's
the first time I've seen this problem in 14 years of interbase/firebird data -
some 30 million master records across dozens of sites. Obviously I'm wondering
if I have a hole I a missing ;)

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