Subject Re: [firebird-support] Why is FB hanging in 64bit Win7/Vista and not 32bit?
Author Chuck Belanger
Thanks, Daniel, Sean, and Helen for your replies.

I'm getting ready for a week of vacation and when I get back, I can try
to do/see what is going on. The problem is that I do not use Win7/64 bit
only 32 bit and thus do not see this issue, so the tech support guy
(Ben) will need to set up a remote desktop session after such an event
and check everything you mentioned on a user's system. Since this
program is used during patient sessions, it will be difficult for the
practitioner/user to stop and check these issues (e.g. task mgr CPU
use). Most users are not computer literate, but are health care providers.

Recently a user/practitioner after crashing his system reloaded Win7/32
instead of 64bit and all his similar error reports simply disappeared.

Yes, I'm using MadExcept. I already have set the timeout to 2 minutes,
feeling that even that is a long time for a user to wait for an error
message. Disabling it would not be a good thing, since once in a while
as I add new code, I have endless loops that I do not catch. Since my DB
calls are many and throughout the program, Freezing, i.e. temporarily
disabling madExcept's response to a overly long process, is not really
an option either. Like I said this issue appears to be coming from any
DB access throughout the program. There is no one query, etc, that seems
to cause this.

Using Superserver mode.

I have not set the DB Sweep to anything but default.
I will have to tell Ben how/what to do to use gstat so he can run that
on whoever gets this error next.
Right now I have IBO 4.8.7 and really cannot afford an update. (this
program has not sold throughout the recession. I get a modest amount for
support from the users. I'm not actively developing the program any
I will check to make sure a firebird.log is being created and look at
that (or have Ben send me the user's file)

In the next couple of weeks, I can restart this thread with more
information hopefully.

Thanks, again.


> Hi,
> At August-02-11, 6:07 PM, Chuck Belanger wrote:
>> Hello:
>> I've asked this question before, but did not get any responses that
>> could help.
>> I have been seeing regularly, but still extremely intermittently,
>> considering the number of times my program makes calls to the database,
>> that in Win7/Vista, 64bit, and not in 32 bit, Firebird can hang. What's
>> going on here? Anything I can do about this? The example below is not
>> uncommon, but it can happen with any query of the DB throughout the program.
>> I am using IBObjects, with Delphi 2007, and the 32bit Firebird 2.5. This
>> is a desktop application with a single user. The database is local on
>> the HD.
> In addition to what Sean and Helen already mentioned.
> Which edition of Firebird are you using(Classic, Superserver or
> Superclassic)?
> Also when your application shows that it is frozen, what is Firebird
> doing(look in the Task Manager to see the processes)? Is Firebird
> using no CPU or is it actually running? Also, if you are using
> MadExcept(I'm taking a guess because of the report you are showing),
> you can disable(or increase the timeout) the check for a frozen main
> thread.
> I'm currently using Firebird 2.5 64-bit with Delphi 7, Delphi 2010 and
> .Net applications with no problems.