Subject Re: [firebird-support] Why is FB hanging in 64bit Win7/Vista and not 32bit?
Author Daniel Rail

At August-02-11, 6:07 PM, Chuck Belanger wrote:

> Hello:

> I've asked this question before, but did not get any responses that
> could help.

> I have been seeing regularly, but still extremely intermittently,
> considering the number of times my program makes calls to the database,
> that in Win7/Vista, 64bit, and not in 32 bit, Firebird can hang. What's
> going on here? Anything I can do about this? The example below is not
> uncommon, but it can happen with any query of the DB throughout the program.

> I am using IBObjects, with Delphi 2007, and the 32bit Firebird 2.5. This
> is a desktop application with a single user. The database is local on
> the HD.

In addition to what Sean and Helen already mentioned.

Which edition of Firebird are you using(Classic, Superserver or

Also when your application shows that it is frozen, what is Firebird
doing(look in the Task Manager to see the processes)? Is Firebird
using no CPU or is it actually running? Also, if you are using
MadExcept(I'm taking a guess because of the report you are showing),
you can disable(or increase the timeout) the check for a frozen main

I'm currently using Firebird 2.5 64-bit with Delphi 7, Delphi 2010 and
.Net applications with no problems.

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