Subject default for timestamp col causes error?
Author Kjell Rilbe
FB 2.1 using isql, connect with utf8 to a database with default charset
utf8. Then try this (commits excluded for brevity):

create table "Temp1" ("Dummy" int);
insert into "Temp1" ("Dummy") values (1);
select * from "Temp1";
alter table "Temp1" add "New" timestamp default '0001-01-01' not null;
select * from "Temp1";

This will result in an error (actual transcript):
SQL> select * from "Temp3";

Dummy New
============ =========================
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -413
conversion error from string "00"

If I try it without specifying a connection charset there's no error and
the expected default is returned upon select.

I tried also with e.g. '1901-01-01' and then it complains about "19"
instead, so it appears to be (at least) the century that causes problems.

Seems like some kind of bug to me.
Is it?
If yes, is it already known, or should I report it?

A workaround:
update "Temp3" set "New" = '0001-01-01';

After that it seems to work.

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