Subject AST Delivery, glibc-2.5
Author arda
Hi. We are using Fb2.5 Classic with glibc 2.5 on CentOS 5.5 (Which is a big no-no according to the web site)

If the database is unreachable about 15-30 seconds in day time, phones in my department start ringing, so I can say it has a considirable amount o traffic on it.

I don't see any strange problems with the database but i get scared everytime i see the phrase "it must be upgraded" on the web site.

Elder people say "If it works, don't fix it" and this proved true many times for me :) And in this case, I think it works, should I fix it? :)

I think i can't just do an upgrade, my automated options are to upgrade minor versions of glibc which will still be 2.5.x

I may force an major update but glibc is too much integrated to the operating system, many things depend on it, so this can cause some other unexpected problems.

Is there any more information on this AST Delivery problem? What if I continue using like this? Do you think I can postpone upgrading the operating system waiting for the next firebird upgrade?

Thank you

Quote from the web site:
"It has been found that V.2.5 Classic for Linux has problems with AST delivery if used with glibc 2.5
If your glibc version is lower than v.2.7, it must be upgraded before using Firebird 2.5 Classic/Superclassic."