Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: 1.5.3 NONE -> 2.5 UNICODE_FSS
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> --- In, Thomas Steinmaurer<ts@...> wrote:
>>> -I dont need to bring along the data, metadata upgrade will do
>>> -Metadata includes local characters (åäö in custom exceptions for example) in NONE charset db
>>> -Big (huge?) database when it comes to # of triggers and procedures
>>> -Tried backup/restore with -fix_ flags
>> - What was the exact usage of gbak?
>> - If you don't care about data. Have you tried to create a metadata only
>> backup just to leave data on the road?
>>> -Tried fbcopy
>>> -Tried scripting
>> What tool for extraction and execution?
> I use Flamerobin mostly, but have Database WB too (3.4)

And for backup/restore. In respect to the -fix flags, I would rather go
with gbak, although AFAIK they are also available via the Services API.
And the gbak usage needs to specify a "from" and "to" character set.

For extracting. I don't know how Flamerobin deals with inter-dependency.
Also DBW V3 is a bit out-dated. Perhaps you could give isql a try to
extract metadata into a script?

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