Subject Alter Column Length that is part of a constraint (also domain)
Author sqldba86
CREATE TABLE test_table
CHECK (test_column <> 'a')

If I try to alter the test_column column size after the table is created, Firebird complains that this is not possible because the column is being used in a constraint. I tried to manually update the RDB$Fields system table but it complains of the same error.

To alter the column size, I'd have to drop EVERY constraint that is using this test_column which gets to be A LOT and then I have to re-create all of them. This is very ridiculous since every other DBMS like Oracle, MS SQL, Mysql, and postgre allow you to change column lengths even if part of a constraint.

How can I change it without dropping the constraints or is there a tool out there that will automate this process? (this also applies to domain. It actually defeats the whole purpose of using a domain.)