Subject Re: How to wipe a database
Author mark.ruys
--- In, Norman Dunbar <Norman@...> wrote:
> > Well I'm absolutely sure that I did not add username/password to the command line, nor defined ISC_USER/ISC_PASSWORD environment variables. All I typed was:
> >
> > gbak -Z mydb-prod mydb.fdb
> This is what you said in your original posting. When I tested that what
> the new docs said was correct, I tried this exact command (ok, different
> database alias and backup file!) as root, as firebird and so on. Each
> time I ran the gbak, I was prompted to enter my username and password.
> I'm a tad confused! What login are you running the commands under?


> > mydb-prod is an alias to /opt/firebird/mydb.fdb, and my current directory is /opt/firebird. This command started to generate a backup on top of the database, erased the database, and failed the backup in absence of a database.
> >
> > Note that when I run
> >
> > gbak mydb-prod /opt/dump/mydb.fbk
> >
> > I also get a backup (the proper way). So I guess my configuration does not need a user/password?
> You don't and any rogue environment variable lying around do you? "env |
> grep -i i[s]c" should show them up if so.

nothing shows up (still being root)

> Otherwise I can't figure out why you don't get asked for a password.

Could it be because I run gbak on the same machine where Firebird is running (localhost)?

$ sudo isql-fb mydb
Database: mydb
SQL> select * from user where userid = 'test';

============ ================ ============ =======
test account 19 3

$ sudo -u firebird isql-fb mydb
Database: mydb
SQL> select * from user where userid = 'test';
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -551
no permission for read/select access to TABLE USER

So apparantly root connects as SYSDBA???

> Oh, this assumes Linux of course, which is what I did my testing on.

CentOS 5