Subject firebird monitoring
Author Leonardo Carneiro
Hello everyone,

I'm planning to make a plugin for Nagios that will monitor some feature for
a given Firebird database. I'm no expert on Firebird at all, although i have
been administrating systems that make use of it for some time now.

There are 2 main things that I want to know now.

1. What are the main things that i should monitor?
2. How can i gather such data? There is a documentation on how to gather it?

About the first question, i have some idea of what to monitor, like number
of active connections, the amount o data read by the last queries, the most
consuming queries, etc, but any ideas are very welcome.

About question two, once I saw a software named Sinatica that gather such
data, and IT SEEMS that is gather this data from some administrative tables
that holds this kind of metadata. Is this the way? Where can i found
documentation about such tables?

Very much thanks in advance.

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