Subject Data of multiple years and opening stocks & balances
Author venussoftop
Hi all

In my old (FoxPro table) days I used to get the app to run a year-end utility which would calculate the closing stocks and account balances and update the items and accounts master table accordingly.

Now in the FireBird (and Visual FoxPro Remote Views) world I wanted to do away with the year end processing and keep all the data together live.

What I am not sure about, in terms of efficiency, is opening stock / balance for the current year. Many of the reports are based on these opening balances. If these reports have to calculate them every time they are run and then add the required details for the current year. There are also Control No.and Batch No. stocks to consider in the app.

How do people handle this, or have I gone the wrong way of doing this.

Please advise

Thanks and regards