Subject Re: [firebird-support] Data of multiple years and opening stocks & balances
Author Thomas Clarke
On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 7:23 AM, venussoftop <venussoftop@...> wrote:

> Hi all
> In my old (FoxPro table) days I used to get the app to run a year-end
> utility which would calculate the closing stocks and account balances and
> update the items and accounts master table accordingly.
> Now in the FireBird (and Visual FoxPro Remote Views) world I wanted to do
> away with the year end processing and keep all the data together live.
> What I am not sure about, in terms of efficiency, is opening stock /
> balance for the current year. Many of the reports are based on these opening
> balances. If these reports have to calculate them every time they are run
> and then add the required details for the current year. There are also
> Control No.and Batch No. stocks to consider in the app.
> How do people handle this, or have I gone the wrong way of doing this.
> Please advise
> Thanks and regards
> Bhavbhuti
> Bhavbhuti,

I have used both methods:

1. Store the balances via a year end procedure.
2. Compute them as needed.

I think it depends on the volume of data in the database. For a small
database I would be tempted to compute opening balances and for a large
database I would store them at year end or whenever required.

Thomas Clarke
Cyber Sea Incorporated

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