Subject unknow io exception with fbembedded on win 7
Author ndirondello marco
hi all, i have a form application which will create/insert data into a firebird db.
i'm using fb embedded 2.5 with the net provider 2.6.
my application works on a single table, it will insert a single row per transaction with a low rate (<10 insert for minute).
my problem is that sametime, after same hours that it works correctly, an exception will make it crash.

this is the exception stack (i don't know if the error message is set by the fb engine or by the net provider dll)

FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient.FbException: I/O error during "WriteFile" operation for file "C:\PROGRAMDATA\COMPANY\DBFILE.FDB"
Error while trying to write to file ---> I/O error during "WriteFile" operation for file "C:\PROGRAMDATA\COMPANY\DBFILE.FDB"
Error while trying to write to file

- the file is open/used only by that application
- sametime the exception is about ReadFile
- the application is running on win 7 professional from a normal user account (it has read/write ability to the db file)
- the excpetion is not related to the net provider (i asked it).
- the firebird.log file contains only this unrelated error (i don't use udf)

ib_util init failed, UDFs can't be used - looks like firebird misconfigured

ib_util.dll library has not been found

i see in windows event that when it is crashed there's the native defrag service of win7 active so maybe there's same conflict on file lock between my app and the defrag service on the db file. i try to reproduce the error in this way but i can't (maybe becouse the file is not defrag becouse it doesn't need it).

same suggestion?