Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linux vs Windows performance FB 2.1
Author Anderson Farias
Hi Carlos,

|My experience shows the inverse. Many times, FB is faster on Linux.
|When this doesn't happen, I guess the problem is not really Firebird,
|but the fact that too few people knows how to fine-tune a linux
|server (I'm not a linux guru either).

Well, maybe one needs a great linux guru to setup a linux box for Firebird. But that does not help much. Windows would be better anyway, couse it runs faster out of the box.

I have aways told my clients to use Linux over Windows for anything (file sharing, web server, etc). I do feel a lot more confortable with Linux since I have more experience with it, I now nothing on Windows tunning/settup AND I find linux overall performance better for most tasks.

Unfortunatly I haven't experienced this performance with Firbird (at least using EXT file systems, never tested FB with another one).

Anyway, this is just out of experience, I do not have numbers. But, that benchmark sort of shows what I have experienced. I still plan on running my own benchmark so I can compare and talk about numbers.

There may be some special settings to use FB faster on Linux, I hope some day I find what are they.


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