Subject Linux vs Windows performance FB 2.1
Author Kok_BG
Hi Folks
I made some tests on windows and linux these days and I was surprised that the linux build is sometime much slower than the windows.
The setup:
Dell Precision Workstation 650 2x Xeon with 533MHz FSB and 512KB L2 @ 2800MHz. Storage: Integrated Ultra 320 SCSI controller with one 36GB HDD @ 10000 rpm. 2 GB RAM.
I used a backup of one database 1.6GB sized.
Windows setup - default SS on windows 7 ultimate;
Linux setup - CS on gentoo 2.6.36-gentoo-r5 #2 SMP
On Linux, firebird was installed via gentoo portage system and was properly complied with the correct CFLAGS in the make.conf

Have someone the same observation?
I always thought that the Linux is the better solution for FB.

Some of the measurement:

1. restore database - windows was ~10% faster;
2. Long stored procedure that reads one big table and pumps the data in another table - 30% faster
3. create shadow - 30% faster;
4. same check as (2) on the shadowed DB - 240% (!) faster

It seems that the HDD write speed is the problem. All linux drivers seems correct installed.
Can someone advise - is it normal, or there is a problem with something?