Subject Re: [firebird-support] fb 2.1 on Windows: how to use more RAM?
Author Stefan G. Weichinger
Am 27.08.2010 10:29, schrieb Mark Rotteveel:

> Ah, but you didn't actually mention using Classic :).

sorry, it was late ;-)

> Then you are
> right, each application would, in theory be able to get a maximum of
> 2 GB each. On the other hand, Firebird won't use the memory it
> doesn't need.

OK, understood.

>> We see these processes with maybe 5 to 20 MB RAM each.
> Which sounds about normal. And with 200 connections, that is 1 to 4
> GB of memory use. You might want to look into what is being swapped
> in and out.

Yep! Sorry for the question, how to do that under windows?
I am more the linux-admin-type ...