Subject fb 2.1 on Windows: how to use more RAM?
Author Stefan G. Weichinger
Greets, firebird-users,

I subscribed to this list only yesterday after googling and browsing
docs and stuff ...

Sorry for maybe faq-ing here, but I am somewhat under some pressure now ...

A customer runs an application (or: suite of apps) which uses a
firebird-DB ...

firebird 2.1 on a Windows Server 2003, afai understand, a classic server
(= we have hundreds of processes running ;-) )

The server is a VM inside a VMware-Vsphere-Cluster, the VM right now has
8 GB RAM and 4 virtual CPUs.

Around 200 users access this VM, with sometimes more than one client per
user ...

The main db is around 1.5 GB of size on disk, afaik (to me it seems,
that they use several different smaller db-files as well, for some sub-apps)


The company providing that application is rather conservative in its
support. They never had a customer that big so they never had to tune or
even configure firebird, as it seems.

The firebird.conf was completely *default* as I looked at it.

Maybe the app itself is slow or buggy or something, sure, but what can I
do to tune firebird itself?

I already increased DefaultDbCachePages from 75 to now 300 ...

We have the impression that the available RAM isn't used fully and too
much swapping happens, which is a perfect performance-killer, sure ...

RAM-usage is around 3 GBs (out of 8 available) and way too much swapping
is done.

I ran gstat.exe and afai understand we have a pagesize of 16 MB (?).

As you notice I am a complete newbie with firebird, sorry.

Could someone point me at some docs for something like that or maybe
lead me through finding a way to tune this DB for better performance?

I am happy to provide any logs/configs/whatever if needed.

Thanks in advance, Stefan