Subject Re: [firebird-support] fb 2.1 on Windows: how to use more RAM?
Author Mark Rotteveel
> > Windows 2003 server does come in 64 bit. BTW: Windows 32 bit can use
> > more than 3 GB with PAE (Physical Address Extension) if (1) the
> > hardware supports it and (2) the software is written to take
> > advantage of AEP. Normally under Windows 32, a process can only use
> > upto 2 GB of memory.
> But doesn't the classic server start up hundreds of processes for
> hundreds of clients?

Ah, but you didn't actually mention using Classic :). Then you are right, each application would, in theory be able to get a maximum of 2 GB each. On the other hand, Firebird won't use the memory it doesn't need.

> We see these processes with maybe 5 to 20 MB RAM each.

Which sounds about normal. And with 200 connections, that is 1 to 4 GB of memory use. You might want to look into what is being swapped in and out.

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