Subject Re: [firebird-support] Is it expected that FB 2.5 Win64 seem to work with FB 2.1 Win32 databases?
Author Olivier Mascia
Le 20 août 2010 à 17:43, Leyne, Sean a écrit :

>> Those databases are gbak'ed and restored once in a while anyway. Is there a
>> specific benefit of backing up with the 2.1 32 bit edition, to then restore with
>> the 64 bit 2.5 version?
> Personally, I would use the version upgrade as an opportunity to perform and database maintenance backup/restore.

Thanks Sean.

This is done automatically at least monthly and eventually sooner depending on some usage statistics. So I think I will push the tests further, letting the upgrade happen in place (ODS stays at 11.1) and then at first maintenance routine the backup/restore will upgrade it to 11.2. This could considerably simplify deployment for the project I have at hand. I'll have a nice happy testing week-end, great! :)

Olivier Mascia