Subject RE: [firebird-support] 64 bit FreeUDFLib
Author Alan McDonald
> >>Alan McDonald wrote:
> >>Does anyone have a 64bit compile of FreeUDFLib.dll?
> Darn, no reply, I would also be very interested in that. The C source
> code I previously found for FreeUDFLibC and complied for Linux, didn't
> have the exact same declarations as the FreeUDFLib version, so I had to
> do quite a bit of fiddling to get it working on Linux, and the Linux
> machine I had the modified source on crashed, so I'm not too keen to
> try go the route of doing it myself again, but I do have 2 or 3 people
> enquiring about using the 64 bit version of Firebird.
> Also, I haven't the foggiest what compiler I would need to be using to
> build a 64 bit C DLL..

All done. easy migration to 64bit including UDF libs.
I created a new blank DB, installed FreeAdHocUDF library UDFs.
The I did a DB compare, comparing only the UDFs with my production DB.
Fortunately all the old ones had the same name in the FreeAdHocUDF library
so the dependencies were easy to rebuild.
This gave me an update script which included recreations for all the SP,
Trigger and Views which were dependent on the old FreeUDFLib UDFs.
The update script ran without error, and I'm back to full speed on 64 bit.
And Thomas gave me a 64bit UDF lib for IBLM as well.
PS the 64bit engine sure does restore fast. A >1Gb database restored in less
than 2 minutes, usually a half hour job on 32 bit. let's hope it's all