Subject Re: Core-2900 Bug Question
Author slurcher
My Apologies - I thought they were related.

Here's the entry in the log, which identifies the UDF:

MPS-SERVER1 (Server) Wed Aug 11 08:12:17 2010
The user defined function: TWPRODDESC
referencing entrypoint: ProdDesc
in module: TrywareIBLib.dll
caused the fatal exception: Access violation.
The code attempted to access a virtual
address without privilege to do so.
This exception will cause the Firebird server
to terminate abnormally.

I've added "isMultiThread:=true", but as this is a new install, it's not getting a lot of use just yet, so i'm not sure if that's fixed it.

As I said tho, this UDF has operated for many years under Interbase. Is there any other reason that may cause it to fail now?

Thanks again

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> > I've just migrated to FB 2.1.3 and have experienced this bug with a UDF function that worked fine on Interbase (6.1, 2007). I get the error "The code attempted to access a virtual address without privilege to do so" and the server terminates abnormally.
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> > From what I can tell, the bug tracker says that it's fixed in 2.1.4 but I cannot find where it can be downloaded.
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> > I did find somewhere that adding "isMultiThread:=true" to the udf may help, but other posts say it doesn't.
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> > Can anyone advise what my options are?
> 1. UDF issue is not related to the CORE-2900
> 2. Is there any records in firebird.log at crash time ?
> 3. You should fix your UDF, if it is a really reason for the crash.
> 4. Yes, IsMultiThread *must* be true for UDF's
> 5. You can find 2.1.4 at "download\snapshot builds" section at
> Regards,
> Vlad