Subject Re: Core-2900 Bug Question
Author hvlad
--- In, "slurcher" wrote:

> Here's the entry in the log, which identifies the UDF:
> MPS-SERVER1 (Server) Wed Aug 11 08:12:17 2010
> The user defined function: TWPRODDESC
> referencing entrypoint: ProdDesc
> in module: TrywareIBLib.dll
> caused the fatal exception: Access violation.
> The code attempted to access a virtual
> address without privilege to do so.
> This exception will cause the Firebird server
> to terminate abnormally.

100% bug is in UDF

> As I said tho, this UDF has operated for many years under Interbase. Is there any other reason that may cause it to fail now?

Bugs, related to multythreading is most hard to detect. It could work for years within one environment and fail every second in another one.