Subject Issue installing Firebird on mac with Leopard osx
Author asattadub
Good morning all.
I'm new to work with databases.
We are having some issues installing the Firebird 2.1.3 DB on our macs.
We have 4 mac mini with leopard 10.5 and processor intel dual.
i was following the documentation on your site:
but i get stuck at the installation step, i create "as suggested" the folder "temp" in the home directory, unzip the file, double click on the .pkg installer, i then agree to install the DB in the \\\m directory
as suggested by the installer, i get a green light installation successful, no problems so far.
We would like to use the database with Java applications, the problem is that i need the url that points to the database so that i can insert it in the String constant and pass it as parameter to the connect() method in my program.
The problem is that i cannot see anithing installed in my mac with name "firebird" there is no application, not even the Firebird.framework
under in the Frameworks folder, so i dont know where to point that url.
Please do you have some advise?
Thank you