Subject Re: [firebird-support] Issue installing Firebird on mac with Leopard osx
Author Philippe Makowski
2010/7/16 asattadub <asattadub@...>
> I'm new to work with databases.
> We are having some issues installing the Firebird 2.1.3 DB on our macs.
> We have 4 mac mini with leopard 10.5 and processor intel dual.
> i was following the documentation on your site:
That's an old doc ...

just download the package you want from
unzip, run, that's it
> The problem is that i cannot see anithing installed in my mac with name "firebird" there is no application, not even the Firebird.framework
> under in the Frameworks folder, so i dont know where to point that url.
you should then get Firebird installed in :


you can check if all is ok using isql: