Subject Restoring a Backup with a NULL cntraint and NULL data
Author Maya Opperman

We have an irate customer who is attempting to restore a backup, but due
to a not null constraint, and a table having a NULL value in that field,
the restore won't complete.

His backup from a month ago has the same problem. And he deleted the
original FDB by attempting to restore several times over.

Out of desperation, we tried editing the GBK via notepad++, so try
remove the not null constraint.

In the GBK, we changed the field name (was an integer field) to a name
of a timestamp field also in the table, which we are sure will be unique
and not null.

The restore now gives this error:

gbak: restoring index RDB$145

gbak: do not recognize index attribute 83 -- continuing

gbak: do not recognize index attribute 84 -- continuing

IBE: segment buffer length shorter than expected.

string truncated.


1. is there a better tool to use to edit a FBK, or is there something
better to edit to deactivate this check?

2. Or should we go about this another way, restore with no constraint
checks, then find a meta data compare tool to generate the sql to put
all the constraints back? Anyone know of such a tool available?

3. If there any utility that can be run on a database at regular
intervals, to find these constraint problems without actually resting
the backup somewhere?


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