Subject Re: [firebird-support] Restoring a Backup with a NULL cntraint and NULL data
Author Ann W. Harrison
Maya Opperman wrote:
> We have an irate customer who is attempting to restore a backup, but due
> to a not null constraint, and a table having a NULL value in that field,
> the restore won't complete.
> His backup from a month ago has the same problem. And he deleted the
> original FDB by attempting to restore several times over.

The -n switch may disable not null constraints. Worth a try. Failing
that look at IBSurgeon for backups.
> Out of desperation, we tried editing the GBK via notepad++, so try
> remove the not null constraint.
> In the GBK, we changed the field name (was an integer field) to a name
> of a timestamp field also in the table, which we are sure will be unique
> and not null.

Unless the two field names were the same length, that's no going to
work. Backup produces attribute value pairs, where the length of
the value is counted.

Good luck,