Subject Re: 'unable to allocate memory from Operating System' error msg
Author tomsee7
FB database is very small (<100mb, new site), other DB's unknown, plenty of disk space.

Looks like something else may have caused this and people looking into it. Interestingly, whatever caused it, never seen FB consume so much memory before. Stopped FB service and the memory consumption continued to climb to near 100% so suggests other process may be the cause. Base line FB is less than 200k.

Sean, do you have any views on the 2 questions I asked (regarding using FB 64bit and config value(s) that perhaps should be changed).

Thanks for replying,

--- In, "Leyne, Sean" <Sean@...> wrote:

> > Environment:
> > Intel Xeon 2.27GHz
> > 6GB Ram
> > SBS 2008
> > Windows Server Standard FE SP2
> >
> > FB 32-bit
> What version SuperServer or Classic?
> How big are you Firebird databases?
> > It is not ideal but 2 other RDBMS are running on this server:
> > MSSQL (MS EXchange, etc) + Adaptive Server (symantec av)
> How big are those databases?
> Sean