Subject Changing the client connection limit?
Author the.gaffney
Our php program has recently started to get "connection refused for remote client" errors during the middle of the day only when all our employees are here, our database is also accessed by our website of coarse, and our server runs on windows server 2003 with iis.

I read a FAQ somewhere on the firebird website about possibly getting that error if the limit for the number of connections is reached? But where would like look at/change that setting? The FAQ i read only gave paths in linux to the conifg fie. The error message int consistent, if we refresh once or a few times it goes away, and then randomly comes back, which makes me believe that its a connection limit.

Also i have tried it on different databases, new databases, different programs to open the database, like db workbench, and have re-installed firebird on the server twice. Still get that message every once and a while, and only during the busy part of the day.

Any ideas?

Thanks a million if anyone can help