Subject 'unable to allocate memory from Operating System' error msg
Author tomsee7
Intel Xeon 2.27GHz
6GB Ram
SBS 2008
Windows Server Standard FE SP2

FB 32-bit
Db Pagesize=8192
Forced Writes=enabled
only 1 FB DB in use on this server.
It is not ideal but 2 other RDBMS are running on this server:
MSSQL (MS EXchange, etc) + Adaptive Server (symantec av)

DefaultDbCachePages = 8192
(No other mods to .conf)

Memory peaked at 1.5GB.
Restarted, steadily over 30mins went up to 800MB then
suddenly dropped to its norm ~ 200MB.

It's a mystery as to what could cause this so if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated. I've not installed FB 64-bit as I've stayed with what has been known - perhaps it should be installed?
Also should #MaxFileSystemCache = 65536 be uncommented and set to an new value in light of this?