Subject A computer refuses to serve FireBird but is fine as a node
Author Venus Software Operations
Hi all

Using FB

One clients' existing setup was working fine but as the server was a
slow computer they wanted to change the server to a faster machine.

We did the switch, the now new server working fine on it's own. As soon
as the other computers we configured to use this new server's alias for
database access, the application would not work stating that database
(as pointed by the alias) was unavailable.

We have since then uninstalled FireBird, FB ODBC and application and
reinstalled them on the new server and nodes but it just would not serve

I then gave up and made another similar configured computer the server
and things are fine now and configured without a hitch.

They are all Win XP machines. The old server was a Celeron, the new
proposed one and the existing one are PIV with about 512MB RAM.

Could someone shed some light on what would make a computer adamant on
not serving data. Please advise

Thanks and regards