Subject Re: A computer refuses to serve FireBird but is fine as a node
Author venussoftop
Oddly my machine WinXP, Duo Core, 2GB RAM, will not serve a W2K machine but will gladly be a node to this same machine.

What settings are involved here, if any?

Thanks and regards.

--- In, Venus Software Operations <venussoftop@...> wrote:
> Hi all
> Using FB
> One clients' existing setup was working fine but as the server was a
> slow computer they wanted to change the server to a faster machine.
> We did the switch, the now new server working fine on it's own. As soon
> as the other computers we configured to use this new server's alias for
> database access, the application would not work stating that database
> (as pointed by the alias) was unavailable.
> We have since then uninstalled FireBird, FB ODBC and application and
> reinstalled them on the new server and nodes but it just would not serve
> data.
> I then gave up and made another similar configured computer the server
> and things are fine now and configured without a hitch.
> They are all Win XP machines. The old server was a Celeron, the new
> proposed one and the existing one are PIV with about 512MB RAM.
> Could someone shed some light on what would make a computer adamant on
> not serving data. Please advise
> Thanks and regards
> Bhavbhuti