Subject Firebird 2.1.3 and 2.5 and ODBC
Hello all,

Our C++ application currently ships as a single-user product, accessing data
through embedded Firebird. In up-coming releases we will continue to ship
this configuration, but we also plan to support a network-based, multi-user,
client-server configuration, using non-embedded Firebird.

We're currently running Firebird 2.0.4, through the Firebird ODBC API.
We're considering going to Firebird 2.1.3, or even 2.5. My initial question:
Does anyone have experience using ODBC with Firebird 2.x (x>0)? My
minimal testing suggests that it works, but what are the pitfalls, and what
improvements provided in the newer Firebirds will we be unable to take
advantage of?

Another concern is with the fate of Firebird ODBC. Development seems to
be stalled. Is ODBC going to keep up with Firebird, or are we going to come
up against some "ceiling"? We've given some consideration to IBPP as an
alternative, but not much seems to have been happening there either during
the past three years. Does anyone have info about where these two projects
are going?

Thanks in advance.